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In the future, we're going to make more Shounen Fight posters but for now, would you be interested in buying this as a 10x20 poster? 

46 deviants said Yes, I would pay $10 for that.
37 deviants said No, I don't buy posters/am not interested.
24 deviants said Yes, I would pay $15 for that.
21 deviants said No, I want to wait for the new posters in the future.
15 deviants said No, I don't care for that image.

Devious Comments

I'd buy it for $5, perhaps. 'Cept I got no credit or debit card, so I can't really make internet purchases.
Yep, I'm pretty much on the same page as the other commenters.

I don't think it really represents MSF as a series. When I buy posters, I try to consider what people who come into my room think based what's on them. For example, from my TLoZ and Jak & Daxter posters, you can tell they're very action oriented games. These images are telling them something about the games. From my physics posters, you can figure I like STEM. These images are telling visitors something about me. The messages this poster would send would not accurately represent me or the series.

In context it completely makes sense and it's like 'oh, those silly boys'. Out of context, it just looks like some yaoiyaoisquee sort of thing and may give off the 'you are standing in the bedroom of a crazed yaoi fan' vibe.

I dunno. That's just kind of my take on it. I'd rather wait for different posters.
That's great feedback, thank you so much. :D I definitely get what you mean. This image was made to be a banner display for our booth so it's more about showing the character designs than creating an IMAGE/FEELING. Ultimately what we'd like to do is a couple of posters that do exactly what you describe and are something less static than this image. But it'll probably be a while before we're able to have the time to do that, so we thought it might be worth offering something else in the meantime. :)

Thanks again!
No problem.

I want you guys to be successful. And when I want people to be successful, I try to be honest about my thoughts.
Thank you!! That's awesome of you to say. :)
A different MSF poster -- probably so. That one? Not so much.
Phantom-Fighter Jan 9, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
No, I don't care for that image. But i would ALL OVER a Doctor Who/Portal/MLP-FiM/Firefly/Bioshock poster! :meow: hehe
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